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Perfect for musicians of all levels to practice with steady tempo, learn or compose music, and perform live. Easy to use - simply wind, set the desired BPM, and let the clear audible beat keep you in time. The attractive wood body and precision clockwork construction make this an essential, durable ..
Ex Tax:R1,303.48
This portable metronome is an essential practice tool for musicians of all levels. Use it to maintain a steady beat while practicing scales, etudes, or pieces on your instrument. The wide tempo range accommodates slow practice tempos up to brisk performance speeds. The compact size makes this metron..
Ex Tax:R682.61
The product is a heavy-duty, all-terrain utility cart or wagon designed for outdoor activities and transportation of heavy loads. It features a sturdy steel frame construction with a large load-bearing capacity to 150kg. The cart has a folding design with a telescopic handle for easy storage and tra..
Ex Tax:R3,738.26
Elevate your pet's dining experience with our Adjustable Height Dog Feeder, meticulously designed to enhance comfort and promote healthier eating habits. Crafted with four adjustable levels, it caters to dogs of all sizes and life stages, ensuring optimal posture and digestion.Product HighlightsAdju..
Ex Tax:R1,361.74
Elevate your indoor ambiance with our FlameFusion Portable Tabletop Fireplace. Crafted for convenience and style, this sleek and compact fireplace brings the allure of flickering flames right to your tabletop.Key HighlightsPortable and Compact: Designed to fit seamlessly on any tabletop, this firepl..
Ex Tax:R1,477.39
Introducing our featured versatile Tabletop Fire Pit, a perfect addition to any outdoor braai or cozy night in. Elevate your outdoor experience with the warmth and charm of our Tabletop Fire Pit today!Product HighlightsThis compact fire pit is ideal for small tabletops, making it a convenient choice..
Ex Tax:R868.70
R399 is the consulting service fee, once uploaded your design, our sales agent will contact you for the design and send through the formal quote. The prices differ for each design and we will modify accordingly in the order.At sheen we offer comprehensive services tailored to your 3D project. O..
Ex Tax:R346.96
Introducing sheen featured stylish indoor aromatherapy diffuser, inspired by the cozy ambiance of a fireplace with flickering flames. This innovative diffuser combines the soothing benefits of aromatherapy with the visual charm of a fireplace, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space.Cra..
Ex Tax:R694.78
Experience the soothing effects of aromatherapy with our Flame Aroma Diffuser, the perfect addition to any space.Use cautionWith its innovative design and easy-to-use features, this diffuser creates a calming atmosphere without the need for cotton swabs. Simply add your favorite non-corrosive essent..
Ex Tax:R433.91
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