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3D Design Services

3D Design Services
3D Design Services
3D Design Services
3D Design Services
3D Design Services
3D Design Services
3D Design Services
3D Design Services
3D Design Services
3D Design Services
3D Design Services
3D Design Services
3D Design Services
3D Design Services
3D Design Services
3D Design Services
3D Design Services
3D Design Services
3D Design Services
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R399 is the consulting service fee, once uploaded your design, our sales agent will contact you for the design and send through the formal quote. The prices differ for each design and we will modify accordingly in the order.

At sheen we offer comprehensive services tailored to your 3D project. Our experienced designers use advanced software to create precise customized 3D designs. We prioritize communication to ensure your unique needs are met, your time and money will be saved on prototyping and manufacturing.

Our Offerings

  • Modeling for 3D printing
  • Cartoon Image
  • Industrial Product Design
  • Mechanical Component Design
  • Rendering Service
  • Sculpture Design
  • 3D Animation
  • Character Design
  • Scenario Build

Ordering Procedure

  1. Communicate the requirements: decide the offerings and send your 2D sketch or pictures, or send components for us to scan & rebuild.
  2. Quote generated and place order at 30% downpayment required before conducting the work. 
  3. Draft version check: a draft version will be sent through for your confirmation.
  4. Amendments till your satisfaction: free fine-tuning until you are happy.
  5. Final confirmation: pay the remaining 70% of the order amount once you confirm the design, and your masterpiece is on the go.
  6. Post support: If you still want to make amendments to your confirmed design, then new price will be reconfirmed between us.

Proprietary Guarantee

  • At sheen we guarantee that the services we provided are fully customized.
  • We will never resell your design to any third-party, and the proprietary of such design are 100% belongs to you.

Refund Policy

If you decide to terminate the design, upon mutual communication and confirmation by us, your order time shall prevail:

  • If you initiate termination midway, deductions will be made based on the designer's progress percentage. A 20% refund of the downpayment received is applicable if the draft version is unsatisfactory; 0% refund once the revisions conducted.
  • If the designer initiates termination, a full refund will occur.
  • Upon completing design based on the your initial request, if you requests modifications to completed or design complexity to be increased midway, a reasonable fee starts from R500 shall be charged.
  • After production is completed, the designer will provide you with watermarked low-resolution images. Upon agreement, the designer will send through the original design. Subsequent modifications may have up to two free minor adjustments; additional adjustments will incur charges.
  • Requests for refunds with various reasons after receiving the files will not be accepted.

Delivery Time

  • Due to the nature of customization service, if you don't have time requirements, it defaults to delivery within 30 days.
  • If there are special time requirements, please make sure to agree with sheen before placing an order.
  • The agreed-upon time before placing an order will be the initial draft delivery time.
  • If you require modifications after receiving the initial draft, the final delivery time will be extended based on the new workload.

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